Guaranteeing Skilled Workers

Without a sufficient amount of skilled workers the economic performance in the area of the Metropolregion cannot be guaranteed. Already today, a lack of skilled workers becomes visible in several branches and areas of the Metropolregion. This tendency will increase in the upcoming years as a consequence of the demographic change and the growing need of skilled workers in knowledge-intensive segments. In healthcare professions it can be expected that the need of services in the field of health and care will increase as a consequence of the increased ageing of the population and that the need of qualified workers will therefore be more striking. In numerous handicraft businesses a lack of specialists threatens to occur.

Securing new generations of well-trained workers is primarily the task of companies and social partners. New possibilities for the coordination of sub-regional activities for location advertising arise for the Metropolregion. During the realization of projects in the fields of action of the Metropolregion, the securement of new skilled workers shall be put into focus. In the context of the internationalisation increasing the attractiveness of the Metropolregion for foreign professionals is an important task. Possibilities for the integration of initiatives in order to recruit new skilled workers shall be tested in international cooperation projects.

A professional principle of the work of the Metropolregion GmbH in the field of securing skilled workers is the declaration of the Federal Ministry Labour and Social Affairs, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the Federal Association of the German Employers, the German Federation of Trade Unions, the IG Metall, the IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energy, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Federal Labour Office for the partnership for skilled workers in Germany.

Additionally, the Metropolregion focuses on the concept for specialists of the Federal Government. It includes five main objectives:

  • Activation and employment protection
  • Better compatibility for family and profession
  • Qualification: training and continuing education
  • Educational opportunities for everyone from the beginning
  • Integration and qualified immigration
  • Securement and strengthening of the basis of specialists in the Metropolregion.
  • Strengthening of existing initiatives for new recruitment of specialists through linking actors from: economy, business development, chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of crafts, employment agencies, unions, employers’ associations, education and research institutions.
  • Realisation of initiatives for recruiting specialists in the context of the internationalisation of the Metropolregion.
Specialist principles/studies
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