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Metropolitan regions are offering a resilient platform for the cooperation of economy, science, municipalities and country for an area that is not focusing on the administrative limits but the economic interdependencies.

During the last decade, the European metropolitan regions increasingly got into focus. As a platform for the formation of partnerships between city and country, between the urban centers and the surrounding rural areas, the metropolitan regions receive increased political and conceptual attention.

Metropolitan regions are characterized by a successful long-term cooperation in innovative governance-structures, which is expressed by a relevant cooperation between various governmental and non-governmental partners beyond administrative borders. The systematical inclusion of social actors like large commercial enterprises, scientific and cultural institutions and the involvement of politics and the civil society takes place in individual public-private-partnership-models, partly flexible and project-related, partly in composed administrative structures. With a close interlinking of many different participants, large-scale action strategies become possible.

As multifunctional spaces, whose prominent functions reach beyond the actual region, the metropolitan areas are increasingly seen as impulse generators. These impulses result from the existing concentration of people, companies, institutions and infrastructure. The metropolitan regions form the spatial platform for clusters and networks, for culture initiatives, for transport associations and logistics concepts, for regional parks, national and international location marketing activities, for climate protection and energy supply and last but not least for the representation of interests in the Federal Government and the EU.

Initiativkreis Europäische Metropolregionen IKM – IKM-Spokesman

The role of the spokemans for the Initiativkreis Europäische Metropolregionen is carried out by Jakob Richter, the coordinator of the Metropolregion Hamburg. Deputy spokesmen are Ralph Schlusche from the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar and Dr. Christa Standecker, managing director of the European Metropolregion Nürnberg.

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