Regional Products

People are identifying themselves with the region they live in. The specific type of apple that is only available in one valley. The beer that is produced in a small brewery since many generations. The pastry that is made with an old recipe by some bakeries in one city. But it is also the products contributing to the identity that are sold supra-regional like Einbecker Pils, Mumme, Harzer Roller, Jägermeister or Göttingen Stracke.

These products are representatives for our country; they give us the feeling of being home. Promoting this idea is a leading topic of the Metropolregion and formulated as a central objective in the working plan 2012/2013. In 2012, meetings were organised – initiated by district administrator Reiner Wegner from Hildesheim – to explore the chances. As a result, the steering group “Regional Products in the Metropolregion” was founded. In 2013, one of the focuses was laying on the objective of acquiring further actors for joint marketing.

It is about domestic products that can hardly be topped in their freshness and nutritiousness because of their short transport routes. At the same time, these products have a high supra-regional export success that can transport the “character” of a region nationwide or even Europe-wide. The objective is not only to support the domestic agriculture and the direct sellers but also to increase the identification with the Metropolregion through these great products.

More information about excellent food from Lower Saxony can be found on the website of the “Kulinarische Botschafter Niedersachsen”

At the moment, the Metropolregion considers if – on the level of the Metropolregion – a support of initiatives for the marketing of regional products in the area of the Metropolregion can be carried out. The examination shall also take into account models like initiatives in the metropolitan areas Nürnberg and Hamburg and current experiences of the Region Hannover. In the evaluation, existing initiatives (e.g. Hi-Land, Hildesheim) and the Land Lower Saxony with their marketing activities shall be considered.