Culture & Creative Industry

More than 4.4 billion euro sales and about 9.000 companies: The culture and creative industry of the Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg is economically strong and its importance for the economic overall performance continuously increases. Furthermore, it is belonging to the decisive, soft location factors. At the same time, it is innovation driver, know-how carrier and pulse generator for other economic areas.

The strengths and potentials of the exciting and diverse branch, its importance for the implementation of innovations, life quality and attractiveness of a region for professional workers are worthy to be made public more extensively.

The Metropolregion, its creative networks and various further actors from the culture and creative industry face the task to present this diverse, interesting and efficient industry as well as its innovative cooperation with other branches to a broader public.

WIRKSTOFF, the festival of the culture and creative industry is going to take place for the first time in September 2016. Over a period of more than three weeks, from the 1st of September 2016 to the 23rd of September 2016, strengths, competences and actors of the branch with their different segments and their cooperation partners in other branches are going to be made visible in the whole Metropolregion through a diversified series of events with about 30 formats and accompanying frame communication. It is going to be a colorful festival that will clearly show which peak performances are carried out every day by companies in the culture and creative industry and companies closely connected with it in the Metropolregion.

More information about the festival WIRKSTOFF can be found on or via Facebook.

The creative-festival connects regional and supra-regional actors of the industry. It shows innovative event formats in an extent that has not been experienced before and with a wide range. Target groups of the event series are multipliers from politics, economy, science, decision-makers from all sectors, actors from the creative industry and the general public.

To our partners, the festival WIRKSTOFF offers great possibilities to present the own region, institution and/or special services like for example an interesting event format with a connection to the culture and creative industry, a sector-specific start-up support or knowledge transfer from the culture and creative industry to other sectors and to get in contact with new target groups.

KinderkulturSommer Metropolregion

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Kulturelle Leuchttürme

The study “Kulturelle Leuchttürme in der Metropolregion“ was commissioned by the preceding organisation of the Metropolregion GmbH and presented in 2008. In this study, outstanding cultural offers in the area of the Metropolregion were identified and strategies concerning the profiling, networking and communication of the organisation were submitted.

At this point, several locations with a high potential in their diversity for touristic marketing and profiling of the region are listed. To a large extent – but not only – do they originate from the investigation “Kulturelle Leuchttürme in der Metropolregion Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen”, carried out in 2008.

To the study “Kulturelle Leuchttürme”