Knowledge Networking

Importance of knowledge networking for the work of the Metropolregion:

Importance of knowledge networking for the work in the Metropolregion:

The strong scientific, innovation and research landscape of the Metropolregion with around 20 universities marks an important starting point of the economic and social development. Thereby, the universities cover all the focal points and topics. Their range reaches beyond the area of the Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg. The university landscape is complemented by the excellence of numerous non-university research institutions. Furthermore, large and small enterprises of the Metropolregion are important innovation carriers.

New features, further developments and innovations (also of the universities) are at first implemented in the products and services of the companies. The development potential is especially high at the interface between sciences and economy as well as in the innovation-based cooperation between industry and craft businesses. Because of the polycentricity of the Metropolregion, a promotion of the networking has a strong importance.

A central role of the knowledge networking is the opening of the field of expertise for national and international cooperation. Thus, the promotion of knowledge networking can lead to the strengthening of innovation in the Metropolregion.

In 2007, the knowledge networking in the Metropolregion was inspected under the control of Dr. Arno Brandt. The study identified the main science-oriented cooperation axes and interfaces between science and economy. The results served as the central basis for a successful positioning in the transition to a knowledge society. At the moment, an update of the knowledge networking study takes place.